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The 2020 Graduation Cloud Ceremony of the Law School Rounded Off
TIME: 2020-07-08|CLICKS:

At 10 am on July 8, 2020, the 2020 Graduation Ceremony of Law School is grandly held onlinewhich is also broadcast live on Enterprise WeChat and BiliBili platforms. Dean Jiao Hongchang, Vice Dean Xue Xiaojian, Director of Institute of Administrative Law Luo Zhimin and Deputy Secretary Wang Wenying all attend the ceremony. Associate Professor Zhang Li, Vice Dean of Law School, hosts the ceremony.

The ceremony begins with the solemn national anthem. Prof.Luo Zhimin first makes a speech.What have you achieved?,she asks,Have you achieved a touch of persistence?Persistence is a kind of spirit and attitude in nature. In the face of COVID-19, it is the persistent dedication of the teachers of CUPL that enables you  to graduate smoothly. Persistence also means a lasting practice of School motto Rule of Law in the Country, Learn Ancient and Modern Civilization. She reminds students that the construction of a country under the rule of law is not achieved overnight. We all have the responsibility to cultivate justice and spread goodness. At the end of the speech, Ms.Luo expresses her hope that the graduates can think independently, uphold kindness and justice and have a sound vision and soul, as well as a broad mind. Work hard and be a down-to-earth person.

Alumni representative, Party Secretary and Dean of the Hohhot Railway Transportation Intermediate Court, Mr. Wang Xujun, then delivered a speech. He recalled his unforgettable experience in CUPL, which has not only enriched his life and shape his character, but also allowed him to harvest friendship that cherished all life. The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. As the graduates are about to embark on a new journey of life, Mr. Wang expresses his wish with four "always have": Keep the mission in mind and always have a heart of patriotic; Strengthen learning and always have a heart of learning; Strictly discipline yourself and always have a heart of awe; Dare to take responsibility and always have a heart of gratitude.

Surprising Vlog from counselors of Law School is played at the ceremony. In the vlog, all counselors of graduation grade share their work condition during the epidemic, as well as their innermost thoughts and feelings to students. Among the words are full of truth, and failure to meet is better than reunion.

Subsequently, representatives of graduate student and undergraduate make a speech one after another. The graduate sorts out the details he has had with the CUPL, and wishes the peers a bright future and that they will still be sincere when meeting each other in the future. The undergraduate recalls his four years of growth and gains, and hand in hand with the creative team of the graduation song Magnolia Is Not Sleeping to bring their mental journey and behind-the-scenes stories during their creation. Xu Badou, the composer of Magnolia Is Not Sleeping, gives a surprising performance.

Two doctoral graduates participate in the degree award ceremony as student representatives. Professor Jiao Hongchang and Professor Luo Zhimin pick the ears for them and award them graduation certificates.

During the ceremony, teachers take on an interesting interaction with students through live barrage. Professor Wang Wenying introduces the souvenirs prepared by the college, including bookmarks, name badges, college shirts and graduation photos of Cloud.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Jiao Hongchang delivers a graduation speech entitled "Everything is Warm, Because of the Wind". He reviews the outstanding achievements of the 2020 graduates and summarizes the special difficulties we have encountered during this year's epidemic. He underlines that we should share weal and woe, sustain ourselves and assure success for the future during the special time. Mr.Jiao also expects that the graduates live up to the oath that wield the sword of law,hold the balance of justice, eliminate the evil in the world, and keep the sanctity of politics and law in the complex and changeable environment.If you become a judge or a civil servant, I hope you can write great judgments and keep constitutional oaths. If you become a lawyer or other kind of legal workers, I hope you will illuminate the heart of the helpless with the light of justice.

So far, the 2020 Graduation Ceremony of Law School has come to a successful conclusion. Relevant content will be released in the future, please continue to pay attention!