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The Teaching Case, Written by Professor Luo Zhimin, Selected into the China Professional-degree Case Center
TIME: 2020-09-17|CLICKS:

After the school’s final evaluation, the case Sha Mingbao and Other Four People Prosecuting the Huashan District Government of Ma'anshan City for Expropriation Compensation, which is written by Professor Luo Zhimin, Director of Institute of Administrative Law, is recommended to the expert selection of the China Professional-degree Case Center. Proudly, the case is officially selected into the legal case database of China Professional-degree Case Center, realizing the zero breakthrough in the construction of professional-degree cases in Law School.

With the support of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, the construction of China Professional-degree Case Center is officially launched in May 2013.Under the guidance of Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the Ministry of Education's Degree and Postgraduate Education Development Center takes the lead in the construction, with the joint participation of the postgraduate teaching committees of related majors. The case that enters the Center represents the highest level of current case construction. As a result, the number of selected cases is an important assessment index for the review and evaluation of national professional-degree authorization.