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Welcome the 2020 Freshmen: The Welcome Work of Law School Rounded off
TIME: 2020-09-27|CLICKS:

On the afternoon of September 18, the work of welcoming the 2020 freshman of Law School has come to a successful conclusion under the unified deployment of the school and the high coordination and cooperation of various departments.By the afternoon of this day, all the freshmen have arrived at school safely and completed the registration of enrollment orderly.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the welcome work, under the unified leadership of the Youth League Committee of Law School, all departments of the Student Union have been highly interconnected and started to prepare relevant work since August, including making welcome bags and arranging the booth.

During the registration period on September 16, 17, and 18, more than fifty persons from Jiu Jie Yi Ren Guang YI Student Union, including the chairmen and all officals ,together with above ten volunteers, fully cooperate with each other to welcome the new students. They afford the freshmen with high-quality service from all aspects, such as picking up, providing guidance, handling formalities and carrying luggage. In a word, they have a clear division of work and every one does their part well.

At the same time, some teachers of the Law School pay close attention to the new students. They have visited the welcome booth for many times and inquired about their work patiently. All parties have highly coordinated and actively cooperated to form synergy, jointly ensuring the implementation of welcome work in an orderly way.

Under the unremitting efforts of all parties, the welcome work has been highly affirmed by the new students and their parents.