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A Letter to Postgraduates Entering School of Law in 2010
TIME: 2014-09-06|CLICKS:

Dear New Students,

Welcome to China University of Political Science and Law.

We at School of Law would like to congratulate you for matriculation by China University of Political Science and Law. The picturesque scenery of Jimen and poetic Xiaoyuehe is now all yours to enjoy. At this very moment, an indissoluble bond has been established between you and China University of Political Science and Law, whose sustaining essence of “Cultivate Virtue in Pursuit of Perspicacity in Law, Study Natural Phenomena in Service to the Interest of the Public” will be your companion for life.

You have successfully braved considerable difficulties and emerged from the numerous candidates as winners of the postgraduate entrance examination. This testifies to your ample knowledge reservoir and academic potentials, as well as such precious qualities as capacity for loneliness and perseverance in pursuing your ideals. The road ahead will be full of daunting obstacles and you have to start from scratch. It’s a new life, and you will be faced with more challenges and opportunities. You will have to be your own master in future study. You will have more time and energy to choose your way ahead. You will have to read professional books, hone practical skills, and improve comprehensive capabilities. We have the following suggestions to help you lay a solid foundation for future work and achieve career and life success.

1,Make use of summer holiday to prepare for Judicial Examination. Successful pass of the examination this year is not only a satisfactory answer sheet for your legal studies in the past four years as undergraduate, but also a good start for imminent postgraduate studies.

2,Prepare for ELTS and TOEFL. Show your aces on the ELTS and TOEFL examination arena so as to win more opportunities for better careers and overseas studies in the future. Each year, about 10 students from the School of Law are entitled to study abroad with state finance or in joint-cultivation programs.

3,Be attentive to practice. If you have passed the Judicial Examination and obtained good ELTS or/and TOEFL scores, you may want to use and plan your summer holiday efficiently, in such activities as field trips, investigations, or legal aids, so as to explore the true essence of law in practice. We believe those activities will benefit your studies and life in the future.

Dear students, you are to become a member of the School of Law, and a new life is being unveiled. In the three years to come, we hope you can uphold the spirit of “Harbor Rule of Law and Pursue Excellence” and leave a colorful chapter on the painting roll of your life.

We are looking forward to your arrival.

Postgraduate Affairs Office, School of Law

Postgraduate Society, School of Law

June 2010