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The Institute of Law and Economics
The Institute of Law and Economics
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The Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) was established in 2005, and approved by the Ministry of Education as the first institute in China providing doctoral and master training. In 2008 the ILE was rated as Beijing’s key cross-disciplinary base, and in 2014 it passed Beijing’s check and acceptance procedure for key subjects and was enlisted as an “outstanding” research body. The ILE is now taking a lead in China and emerging as an influential academic body on the global stage.

The main jobs of the ILE firstly include addressing Chinese legal problems and accessing the impacts brought by the law on economics, society, and the environment, through following the law and an economics approach. Secondly, the ILE cultivates versatile professionals with high theoretical attainments, as well as remarkable research and practical skills. ILE research now covers four fields, including EconomicAnalysisofLaw,TransitionalEconomyandLaw,Lawand Finance, and Market Supervision.

The ILE has eight members, with four professors, three associate professors, and one assistant professor.

It also has undergraduate, master, and doctoral students, and provides twenty programmes of study for postgraduate students, and six for undergraduate students.

Ever since its establishment, the ILE has published more than twenty monographs, translation works, textbooks, and paper collections, with more than two hundred articles published in leading journals. It has finished more than forty projects, and has held eighty eight lectures on law and economics, and sixty international and domestic academic conferences.