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Neck and Neck Competition Makes for a Spectacular Game
TIME: 2014-09-06|CLICKS:



The final basketball game has opened this afternoon on April 8th, 2010, which also means the conclusion of Sports Month. The Women’s championship featured competition between Law School and the International Law School. Additionally, the Men’s championship concluded with Law School competing against the Business School. Amidst the clamor of cheerleading, the Men’s basketball team of the Law School won victory with the absolute advantages. Shouts of, “cool!”,  “wonderful!”, “Go! Go! Go!” spontaneously erupted. The Women’s team also played fiercely. Facing the offsets of injured players lagging behind in points , they did their best to compete undiscouraged. Although being narrowly defeated by a mere two points to the International Law School, The Law school’s Women team players showed everyone their fighting spirit which touched everyone watching the game.